Can it pay to be sick?

Guest blog post by Jim Manfield, Product Marketing Manager, Kronos, Inc.

With summer winding down and the kids back at school, it got me thinking about what’s right around the corner… Halloween? Nope. Thanksgiving? Nope. Holiday shopping? Nope. What else could I mean but cold and flu season?! I can already hear the melodies of sneezes and sniffling from around the office now. Good times ahead!

I recently was alerted to the following news: – and it struck me. IT CAN PAY TO BE SICK, at least in Connecticut – the only state requiring employers to offer their employees paid sick days, and soon in California. But with this comes the tracking of sick day accumulation, usage and ensuring your company stays in compliance. Just what the already overtaxed HR staff needs.

Managing your employee information is essential.   A sound workforce management strategy should include the automation of time & attendance coupled with, accruals and absence management to relieve the burden on HR and reduce the administrative headaches and compliance risk associated with leave laws, like the one that the California Legislature passed.

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