What happens in Vegas…

Guest blog post by Lauren Farah, Product Marketing Specialist at Kronos, Inc.

VegasWe all know the old saying “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” and that was a big part of the city’s appeal (thanks to some marketing geniuses.) Yes, the strip is lined with beautiful resorts, top chef restaurants and amazing shows for every age (Céline Dion anyone?) – but many people travel to the City Of Sin to indulge in all things, well, sinful. One could spend three wild, sleepless nights in the dry 100+ degree desert heat, and leave all the guilt behind. But I hate to break it to you, times have changed. And I am not just talking about really smart phones capturing all the hazy memories and leaving them in an embarrassing place in social media for all eternity. I am talking about the Vegas trip that no one will want to forget.

This year’s KronosWorks is taking place at the ARIA resort in Las Vegas from November 9-12, and our users will want to bring back as much information and memories back to the office (yes, I said office) as they can cram in their craniums, and there is a lot to be crammed. KronosWorks is the annual Kronos customer conference that not only provides users with education sessions, individual discussions with experts and executives, and endless networking opportunities with fellow users, but also hands on training workshops and labs.

Now, I am not saying that hands-on training is the best part of the conference, because believe me, everything about this conference is beneficial, but the benefits of training in front of your own demo environment, with an expert instructor is almost crazy to pass up. Which is why this year, we are introducing a track of sessions specifically for our Kronos Workforce Ready® customers with an emphasis on the hands-on training labs. So, What Are the Benefits of Hands-on Training? This training style increases retention from 20% to 75% while your critical thinking also greatly increases, allowing you to apply the training to your specific business.

I hear and I forget

I see and I remember

I do and I understand


At Kronos, we don’t want to be the only experts of your workforce management solution – we want YOU to be your own expert too. We want our customers to be masters of workforce management, running the business as efficiently and effectively as possible – that’s what will put you ahead of the competition and allow your business to flourish.

So what are you waiting for? Register today and benefit from our early-bird specials!

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