The Big Game(s)

Guest blog post by Jim Manfield, Product Marketing Manager at Kronos, Inc.

In the United States the Super Bowl is watched by millions and millions of people. Often at parties. And surprise, surprise, it lowers productivity on Super Bowl Monday, a day many wish was a national US holiday. For those who make it to work, much of the day is spent discussing the game with coworkers. Or swallowing advil. Many more call out sick, take a personal day, or don’t show up at all: . The effects are clear and have been discussed in many forums on many occasions. Here’s an example: .

But what happens when your team plays in multiple big games?! We’re currently in the final stages of World Cup 2014. Germany, Brazil, Argentina and the Netherlands have made it to the semifinals. Do you think work has been affected in those countries?

Each team plays their 6th game in the last month in the semifinals. Assuming their fans have only watched their teams’ games (given what I know about futbol fans, I’m sure this is not the case), that’s at least 540 minutes (9 hours) of game action so far. I’m oversimplifying what with all the pre-game party time, half time, injury time, extra time, penalty kick time; that’s a lot of time! And in Germany and the Netherlands, given that the games have mostly taken place during the late night or early morning hours, I’m sure there have been plenty of absent or tired workers.

In Germany, they’re trying to accommodate their fans: . Maybe the same thing is happening in the other countries too. Regardless of the impact on productivity, how can a company handle these new “come-to-work-late” policies that might be in place for a month or so? Or continue to enforce no-show policies for those that are late or don’t show up after the games, or during the games? With an automated system of course: !! A system designed to provide automated enforcement of any absence related policies.

Now if only it could make Super Bowl Monday a holiday!!!

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