For years there has been both a trend and debate about the consumer technologies infiltrating the workforce. Smartphones, tablets, social apps, gamification solutions are just a few of the technologies moving from the consumer market into the workplace, and the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) trend is essentially causing new challenges and headaches for corporate IT staff and managers.

But rarely have we seen the opposite trend – enterprise IT solutions moving into the home. ERP systems, Financials, Distribution solutions have been overkill for the consumer market. Workforce Management was an afterthought… until now!

Workforce Home – Managing a family schedule is a job all its own.

Today, April 1st, Kronos launched Workforce Home! It’s great to work for an innovative, forward thinking company like Kronos that embraces the pace of IT innovation. As a father of 4 children, I can absolutely appreciate the challenges of managing today’s modern family, as I’m sure many of you can.


Check out today’s exciting launch details here:

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