When is Absence a Good Thing?

Guest blog post by Jim Manfield, Product Marketing Manager at Kronos.

A couple of weeks ago, after attending the HIMSS conference in Orlando for Kronos, I took my son to Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure.  No, I am not talking about his absence from school being a good thing.  It was his school vacation week after all.  I certainly wouldn’t pull him from school for a tradeshow…something like that would have to wait until I take him to see the Bruins in Denver, just saying…

In November I attended our user conference, KronosWorks, which was held in Orlando.  Kronos reserved much of the park for our customers and employees to enjoy privately– WOW, how cool is that!!  I rode the Rip Ride Rockit 6 times, and posted about this on Facebook, much to my wife’s chagrin.  Why?  Let’s call it a 9 year old boy’s envy!!!  Tears were shed that night and he’s been thinking about his day at the parks since.

So how can absence be a good thing?  The day we were at the parks, were employees missing leading to longer wait times?  Nope!  Did they close the Rip Ride Rockit because of safety concerns due to missing employees?  Of course not!  Both of those are very bad, and would lower productivity and increase compliance risk, a problem we specialize in solving at Kronos.

So, what’s the deal?

It was low 60’s, with scattered rain and showers.  For Floridians and those visiting Orlando for vacation, that meant “absence” from the parks.  For us (we come from NH and have had quite a winter, like many of you)?  Shorts weather!!  It also meant 20 roller coaster rides between the 2 parks…and 9 times on the Rip Ride Rockit, once for each of his years!  Can’t wait until he’s 25….

Yes, Virginia, sometimes Absence is a Good Thing!!!!

Check out this year’s KronosWorks2014!!

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