Will your staff be “Sick” Monday? – Making the case for Super Bowl Saturday

For years Kronos has documented the trend of increased employee absence and low worker productivity on the Monday after the super bowl. “The Monday that follows the Super Bowl is the biggest unofficial holiday of the year, with 1.5 million people calling in sick as a result of the game.  And about 4.4 million people will show up late for work on that Monday, according to a 2008 survey by The Workforce Institute at Kronos Inc. The findings show that the Monday following the Super Bowl is a less productive day overall. The majority of people calling in sick are men aged 18 to 34.” (from voxxi.com)

TW10.600.biggameWith this year’s event being played in an outdoor, northern venue for the first time in decades, the threat of winter weather called for contingency plans to be in place. If the game was threatened by a snow storm, one of the proposals was to move the game ahead by one day. Finally! Super Bowl Saturday – what a concept!

I have argued in favor of this format for years and it seems like there is more public support this year. Check out Movethebiggame.com . It really seems to make perfect sense. Why play the “BIG GAME” on a Sunday night? Yes, pro football has traditionally been played primarily on Sundays, but even that tradition has changed recently, with games being played on Monday, Thursday and Saturday throughout the season.

Why continue to adversely affect the US workforce with high absence levels and low worker productivity on the Monday after the game? The economic impact could be huge – the restaurant business would thrive with bigger, longer post-game activities; while grocery and party supply stores would benefit from increased spending on grander Super Bowl fan parties.

Alas, it looks like the forecast will cooperate and this year’s Seahawks vs Broncos game will kick off Sunday evening. So if you are one of the millions of late or sick employees, or one of the thousands of managers scrambling to find coverage for absent workers this coming Monday, consider this open letter from the American Mustache Institute supporting how Super Bowl Saturday could make your life just a little better.

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