What’s the hottest Holiday gift around?

Guest blog by Scott Barker, Product Marketing Manager, Kronos

Would you believe that this Holiday season, people are flocking to stores and websites in record numbers to get their white-knuckled, quivering mitts on the latest in workplace productivity technology? Well, believe it! Black Friday is long gone and Cyber Monday is thing of the past – and a lot of the hottest deals were mobile devices. Various mobile phones and tablets have been taking up significant real estate on this season’s ‘GOTTA HAVE IT’ gift lists. When I was growing up, the hottest gifts were Furby’s, Tamogachi’s and Lego sets. One of my all-time favorite Christmas gifts was a SuperSoaker 100. Now the youth of America yearns for powerful computing technology!

kidmobileA humor piece on Deadspin got my attention earlier this week. The author hilariously breaks down his 7 year old daughter’s unrealistic and surprising Christmas list:

“If one kid at your kid’s school gets an iPhone or an iPod Touch it’s over… My kid makes drawings of iPhone covers. She does writing exercises about iPhones. When I asked her what she wanted between a flying car and an iPhone, she picked the iPhone.”

What does this mobile technology obsession mean for today’s workforce managers? For one thing, the generational obsession with having mini-computers an arm’s reach away at all times means that the current and future workforce will EXPECT mobile technology in the workplace. The sooner companies realize this and start to rollout mobile tools and applications; the sooner they’ll be prepared for the brightest and most resourceful candidates in the youthful hiring pool of America.

Mobile HS on iPhone with updated UIThe permeation of personal mobile devices throughout the workforce also means employers can leverage the BYOD phenomenon more than ever. I’ve you’ve got an afternoon to kill, type ‘business productivity’ into any of the popular app stores – you will need at least a few hours to sift through them all. Employees now have tools and resources to be more efficient and effective, right in their pockets. Why not take advantage of this pocket-sized computing by providing employees with workplace applications that makes their job easier, more effective, and ensures that all of the important details and data are tracked accordingly?

To top it all off, the number of tools available that make managing of mobile devices, whether personal or company-provided, are almost as pervasive as mobile business apps. Mobile Device Management platforms, or MDMs, are making it easier and easier for employers to leverage BYOD, get a grasp on mobile usage in the workplace and protect the security of your infrastructure – all without infringing upon employees’ personal rights and technology.

So remember this Holiday season, as the whole world rips open the brightly colored paper and ribbons to get to their fancy new touch-screen devices, they are also opening up something that will make them a more efficient and productive employee on the job. We all know KronosWorks can get a little crazy, but when is the last time you can recall a brawl breaking out, or someone getting tazed over the latest in workforce management technology?

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