Silence of the Lads

Guest blog contributed by Jim Manfield, Product Marketing Manager, Kronos

As coach of my son’s hockey team, I’m never surprised by some of the things I hear coming out of the players’ mouths. On the bench I’ve heard “Hey, coach, who brought the snacks?” while the game is going on. Or the time I asked one of the players how come he made a certain play, when we had just worked it in practice. He answered with “We just got a new puppy”. I’ve come to expect just about anything from the little guys. But, sometimes it’s the silence that is most surprising!

After a recent game, the coaches told the kids to talk amongst themselves and come up with a couple of things they could have done better. We left. And….silence! What the heck was going on in there? We went back, and saw a roomful of players on their phones, looking like they were ignoring us. Instead, when questioned, they told us they were talking to each other…..via texts!

Is this the new norm? Of course I’ve heard about millenials, but littlemillenials?! If this is how kids are growing up, we’d better start make sure that workforce management technology is easy to use and mobile, I thought, or nobody is going to use it! At Kronos, we’ve been focused on making our technology easier to use via mobile devices. Millenials and the littlemillenials to follow need this level of engagement, and we’d better keep bringing it. To hear more about this technology revolution, please register for this upcoming webinar, The Time & Attendance Technology Revolution: Are You Keeping Pace? , Dec 11th @ 11:00 EST.

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