Absence Hits Home

Guest blog contributed by Jim Manfield, Product Marketing Manager, Kronos

As product marketing manager for Absence Management at Kronos, I am used to talking about what can happen when people don’t show up for work. Whether it’s the day-after-Super Bowl hangover, employees gaming the system and leaving early on a Friday, or something similar, employees skipping work decreases productivity in any organization, no matter the industry or size. But I never thought it’d happen to me (well maybe that Super Bowl thingy I just mentioned…).

After several weeks of scouting out the best companies and soliciting the best quote, the big day was here! It was finally going to happen. Our new roof….

roof-repairs26:30am, and it sounds like someone is breaking into your house! You wake up in a panic… “Oh my gosh, what is happening, who is here, is our son alright?” Just some of the thoughts that go through your head when you are awoken by the sounds of people climbing on, ripping up, and replacing your roof. What a way to start your day. Fun huh?

But what happens when the roofing project manager has 6 men slated for the job, but only has 4 show up? Well after dark, his guys are still working on my roof. Yet the job does not get done. Sorry he says, throughout the day, but we had 2 guys call in… Quietly I’m thinking to myself, if only they had some kind of automated tool that could have captured the call-out, quickly found 2 suitable replacements, and notified them as the team was on their way to my house. My roof would have been completed on schedule. But since they didn’t know anything about Kronos or its capabilities…

Day 2, 6:30am, and it sounds like someone is breaking into your house, and you wake up in a panic…

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