15 Years of Google Impacting the Workforce

Google turns 15 today… It’s hard to remember what internet life was like before Google. The impact it has had on individuals is virtually immeasurable. And the impact Google has had on the workforce is profound as well.


Hiring and talent acquisition has greatly benefited from Google. Job seekers have easy access to information on a company they are interested in. Not only can they find instant details on the company, investigating the individual you are interviewing with is seamless as well. Employers can obviously search on candidates, often finding details that may not appear on a candidate’s application or resume.

Need to find a company location? Google it. Need directions? Google it.

Google’s free email service Gmail, was not the first, but has quickly become one of the most widely used by both individuals and many small businesses. In fact, one could argue that Google has had a dramatic impact on the growth, innovation and technology adoption of small and midsized businesses. IT solutions that were once too costly for many businesses and organizations are now available as free, cloud based services. Email, word processing, spreadsheets, presentation tools and file storage are all freely available from Google Drive. Consider the impact on K-12 and higher education that leverage Google’s apps for their students.

What about sales and marketing? Think about how customers find your business? Every marketer aspires to have their company on the first page of a Google search for what you sell or provide. Google essentially created search engine marketing. And sales people often use Google alerts to track news and information on their prospects. YouTube, blogger, and now Google Hangouts are all solutions that have a place in both B2B and B2C companies.

Do you have a customer support staff? Or an online customer community? If so, many of you probably leverage Google Groups to enable online collaboration, greatly improving the productivity of your support teams.

Regardless of the industry you are in, there is no doubt that Google has changed the way your workforce and your customers interact with your business. And as they continue to push the boundaries of innovation with things like their Motorola mobile phones, Google glass and more – the next 15 years are sure to be interesting. Happy Birthday Google.

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