Brooklyn Nets hire Jason Kidd – Talent Management and Recruiting Excellence at its Best

Many organizations constantly struggle with leadership development plans. Others strike out when looking for young yet experienced leaders to come in as a new executive and fill a void. The NBA’s Brooklyn Nets just exemplified how to fill a management vacancy. The Nets just hired 19-year veteran Jason Kidd as their new head coach after he retired as a player only two weeks ago. The Nets are very familiar with Jason Kidd, as he was a player for them for 6 ½ years.

This is a great example of grabbing great talent when it becomes available, and identifying potential leaders within your organization early in their careers. Even if that talent leaves your organization, if they leave on good terms they are often great candidates to come back and fill a more senior role.

It is unclear how well Kidd will do as a head coach in the NBA, but he fits the profile of successful players that are now making the transition to head coach (ie. Doc Rivers, Maurice Cheeks, Kevin McHale, Jeff Hornacek).

Are you developing your future leaders and management? Do you have talent management and recruiting coupled together to potentially bring back high performers?

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