Transformation to Managing in the Moment

– Guest blog post by Jim Manfield, Product Marketing Manager at Kronos

If your company is like many others, your back office processes are still manual or semi-automated.  This means your managers are often lost in the moment, wasting valuable time creating schedules, maintaining attendance violation balances, finding replacements for absent or tardy employees, chasing down missing timesheet data, or attempting to figure out if they can approve time-off for an employee because they don’t know which employees may already have that day off.   What if your employees are punching in early and punching out late, racking up avoidable overtime costs?  Or punching in for each other?  Look familiar?


Can managers keep track of this with all of the non-productive activities they are overwhelmed with?  The answer is NO.  With no insight to workforce data, this can potentially cost companies like yours millions of dollars in avoidable overtime and increased payroll.

What can be done?  According to Aberdeen’s July 2012 Workforce Management study, the need to improve overall workforce productivity through better data management was cited as one of the top two business pressures by over two thirds (69%) of all respondents.  This means you are not alone.  Many companies’ managers are lost in the moment.

What if your managers had the ability to quickly and easily identify schedule conflicts, view and approve time-off requests, or find replacements for absent or tardy employees?  What if a system could track employee attendance and produce violation documentation for them?  What if employees were no longer able to game the system and punch in early or punch out late, or for each other?  How much money would this save you?

Enter workforce management automation.

JimBlog Image 2

With workforce management automation comes labor insight.  With labor insight comes productive managers.  Productive managers are able to manage their people, in the moment, when the need arises.  They won’t be wasting time chasing down replacements, or timecard errors, or trying to determine if an employee can take a day off next month.  No longer will they be spending their time tracking attendance, but will be managing the exceptions automatically identified for them.  They will be managing their employees, enabling them to become better at their jobs.  Automation will allow your workforce to become more productive while simultaneously increasing employee satisfaction.  And with the emphasis on mobility in today’s workforce management systems, your managers will be managing in the moment from their own device, wherever they are, and will not be locked down in their office on their desktops.

The price tag of a solution like that must be too much for your company to consider, right?

No.  With today’s cloud and SaaS deployment options, the costs are right.  Your company cannot continue with lost managers; it’s time for them to MANAGE in the Moment, not be LOST in the moment.


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