Holiday headaches solved with scheduling

It’s that time of year… insane lines at grocery checkout aisles. Incompetent shoppers failing to understand the self service lanes, customers with 37 items in the express lane (no 10 cans of corn do not count as one item!) while toting the screaming toddler…

While labor management systems can’t teach people how to slide their box of StoveTop stuffing across a bar code scanner, it can help alleviate those long lines staffed by employees. Store forecast planning and optimized scheduling systems can determine the right number of cashiers, baggers, customer service clerks etc., across all shifts at all stores. More importantly, when integrated with a time and attendance system, not only can you avoid or minimize scheduling employees for overtime, you can also track payroll by department or function (particularly when employees are cross trained in multiple departments)

So have patience this week. Be thankful for extra staff working the checkout lines, and get in the store early while the toddlers are still sleeping!






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