Employee self service and ease of use are central to Kronos InTouch

This week Kronos held hosted our annual KronosWorks customer conference, where we officially launched the Kronos InTouch – our next generation time clock. It was one of the biggest launches in the company’s history (certainly the biggest I’ve ever been a part of).

The official unveiling of InTouch came at the opening general session, with CEO Aron Ain providing the audience of nearly 2000 total attendees with a full product demonstration – claiming “its so easy to use, even a CEO can demo it.” While the statement got some good laughs from the audience, that “ease of use” theme continued throughout the week.

In the expo hall, we had nearly 20 InTouch units set up for attendees to walk up and try it for themselves. Each time clock invited users to give it a test drive with badges to use, and a great screen saver message:

Kronos InTouch at KronosWorks
Kronos InTouch at KronosWorks















At times each clock had lines of people up to 10 deep waiting to experience it for themselves.







Sessions were standing room only as Kronos experts like Scott Barker, Product Marketing Manager for InTouch, presented on many exciting new features in the system.

Kronos Product Marketing Manager Scott Barker showcases the Kronos InTouch








I had the opportunity to moderate the InTouch Beta customer panel discussion. We were fortunate to have seven panelists from four early customers: Briggs & Stratton, Damstra Mining, Hartford Hospital and National Frozen Foods. Again, the ease of use theme was consistently discussed by each panelist. They spoke about offering little or no training for their employees, yet all were able to interact with the InTouch units without any problem.

Employee self service is an area that we feel will be more of a focus by our customers, as they evolve their use of Workforce Central and look to gain even more value from their initial investment. As organizations become more mature in their use of workforce management solutions and look to move into strategic areas of improving operations and employee productivity, self service will become a important part of that strategy. The Kronos InTouch is designed to provide more functionality and connectivity to employee-related HR functions than ever before, with a form-factor and user interface optimized for ease of use.

If you attended KronosWorks, please post your comments on what you thought about InTouch and your initial experience with the system.


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