The Future of Time & Attendance Part 1 – Multi-purpose systems

Today I’m introducing the first in what will be a series of blogs on the Future of Time and Attendance. This is a topic I’ve been working on a lot lately between an industry presentation I’m doing and a number of new product launches I’m involved with.

Think back just 5 years ago. Many of you owned a laptop back then to work remotely and access the internet. We all owned mobile phones & the Blackberry was gaining popularity. We were able to share photos with each other over the internet from our digital cameras. We had CD players in our cars, and we were copying that music to our new MP3 players, including iPods. And in our cars some of us even had GPS navigation systems. Now think about today… your Android or iPhone gives you all of that functionality in one device. More importantly, the features and functionality can be personalized for each user and they are incredibly user friendly.

What’s the relationship to time & attendance? Today’s systems are designed to provide much more than simply collecting labor data from time clocks. Hiring, HR, payroll, leave and absence management, scheduling, labor productivity tracking and workforce analytics are now fully integrated functions of today’s workforce management systems, built on and around time and attendance systems. More importantly, the complex “enterprise application” is becoming a thing of the past. Today’s workforce management suites leverage Rich Internet Application technology (similar to your xBox, iPad, LinkedIn or facebook interfaces) that provide content-based, personalized user experiences that are engaging, easy to use and accessible from anywhere. All of the functionality you need from a workforce management system can be made available seamlessly at your fingertips, with workspaces designed for the various tasks that need to be addressed (approving time off requests, Employee self service, filling an open shift, etc.)

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