DOL Timesheet Mobile App – benefit to workers, employers or lawyers???

US workers can now use their iPhone to track their worked time and wages owed to them. The recent launch of the DOL timesheet application is intended to “ensure workers receive all wages earned” according to the DOL press release. While Wage and Hour investigations are serious allegations, lawyers are sure to find easy defenses against claims filed based on the mobile application of an employee. Most obvious would be any mistakes or misuse of the data entered by the employee would likely result in an immediate argument. The result could ultimately backfire for workers but generate signifiant legal fees for lawyers.

On the other hand, employers who are not compliant and fail to use accurate time, attendance, scheduling and payroll systems could be at risk if the mobile applications are used properly. Once again, high fees paid to legal teams.

Ultimately, the ideal solution would be for organizations to leverage automated workforce management systems for their time and labor management practices, combined with mobile applications for employees that are tied directly to the same systems used by the employer. Schedule, time, attendance and wage details are consistent, and employees can legally attest to break offerings, time card edits, etc.

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