Managing the New Normal – When Time & Attendance Is No Longer Enough

Complimentary Boston-area Seminar

The tough economy, new technology, stricter enforcement of labor laws and evolving traits of employees are driving a critical need to further streamline workforce management – a “new normal” that mandates high efficiency, rigid cost management, and exceptional flexibility. Businesses now need new tools in order to respond appropriately. You know that what worked well only a few years ago — accurate timekeeping and precise payroll — may no longer be effective today. Luckily, there is a suite of workforce management solutions that help organizations like yours to be both strategic and successful.

Kronos will be hosting a free seminar in Waltham, MA on Friday December 10th to discuss the “New Normal” in workforce management, When Time & Attendance Is No Longer Enough.

Register today for this complimentary seminar in which guest speakers David Creelman, CEO of Creelman Research, and Kronos customers Hannaford Supermarkets and Puma, discuss the “new normal” and how to:

  • Positively impact your ability to respond to various workforce challenges by maximizing your Kronos solution
  • Extend your Kronos solution to further reduce labor expense, improve productivity, and mitigate regulatory risk
  • Unlock your timekeeping data and deliver labor insight across the entire organization

Register today for this excellent opportunity to gain proven advice from customers and experienced Kronos consultants who’ve helped organizations of all kinds address similar workforce management challenges.

A continental breakfast will be served and Kronos will donate $50 to Toys for Tots for each person who attends!

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