Workforce Central 6.2 now available

On occasion, I like to profile major product activities happening at Kronos. Recently we released Workforce Central version 6.2, which includes hundreds of new features and enhancements across the entire suite. While it’s tough to categorize or label a theme for a product release, the message for v6.2 is “Put it to work”.  Why?  Because managers & users, systems administrators, and the organization as a whole demands solutions that are ready to go, something that can be “put to work” right away. 

Think about how you feel about your portable music player:  Just plug it in, and it’s ready to go.  By comparison, your home theater system – lots of wires, numerous connections, a remote that rivals the dashboard of a 747, and a 300-page multi-language manual to go along with it.  Powerful stuff, to be sure, but not ready to work for you, at least not right away.   But what if you could have the best of both worlds?    What if your users, managers, IT administrators, and even your organization had powerful tools ready for the most complex workforce management challenges you can throw at them– yet ready for work with minimal configuration.

Managers & employees.  They want “quick uptake”– tools immediately ready without a lot of re-training or new learning.  Look for graphical workflows that provide guidance to recommended actions and proactive alerts allow users to manage by exception.  Look for actionable information, like notifications on issues like document due dates, and the information you need, right at your fingertips.

IT Administrators.  You want to be secure in an increasingly insecure world.  Even with multiple components, you want a single, cross-suite log-on- not multiple passwords to forget & reset, or that create additional vulnerable access points.  IT needs it hands-off, too, so look for proactive alerts to security issues.  Finally, make sure you have the most current, deepest data encryption available– so even data at rest is data that’s secure.

 The Organization.  Be ready to extend workforce management into new geographies.  Give employees more flexibility for local work rules and pay policies, and the ability to work in their native languages .  Kronos is now delivering languages for established economies like China, and emerging ones like Brazil.

 “Workforce Central is even easier to use.  We now have better visibility into our labor performance and payroll administration.” – An early WFC 6.2 customer

Workforce Central customers attending KronosWorks next week should definitely check out the product expo and sessions on v6.2 to learn how to take advantage of this powerful new release. Additional information can be found online here.

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