Jumping into the conversation…

OK, I’ll fess up. I’m not an HR professional. So why would I take on the monumental task of opining on HR technology? And why should anyone follow this blog? Here’s a few reasons that I wanted to share with you.

Well for most of my career I’ve embraced the role of a technology and market evangelist. I wouldn’t classify myself as a tech geek, but I do have a knack for understanding enterprise technology and an interest in what users are looking for in technology to make their job easier.

Prior to my current role at Kronos, the company I worked for provided labor and fleet management systems to the transportation departments of major retail, fuel/hazmat, manufacturing and distribution companies. I saw first-hand how executives were migrating to new technologies to address critical business issues that directly impacted HR, payroll and operations.

But something that pushed me over the edge and encouraged me to jump in with both feet into the HR technology social media arena was actually another HR blogger. While “drinking from the firehose” for many months, reading everything I can about the space, I started following some of our industry’s social media pioneers. A recent post from Steve Boese’s HR Technology blog was just what I needed. In it he writes:

For someone new to the space it can be easy to look at ‘Blogger XYZ’ and see that they have years worth of posts racked up, scores of comments, hundreds of Facebook fans and thousands of Twitter followers, and feel a bit intimidated, and even uncertain about their own ability to make an impact.

But to let fear or uncertainty, or shyness hold anyone back from diving in, adding their unique and personal perspective, and contributing to the community (such as it is), is exactly the worst possible outcome of all.  We can’t have a growing, vibrant, interesting, and valuable community without a constant influx of new voices and ideas.

So with that bit of encouragement, It’s about time  is now online. It’s about time will also feature a number of guest bloggers with decades of experience in this space and some great insight into where the trends and technology are going. So drop me a note and let me know what some of the technology issues and concerns are that you’re facing in your organization. I’d love to hear from you…

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